How to look after your gloves

How to look after your gloves: A lot of companies will NOT tell you what I am about to tell you because they obviously want the gloves to wear away quickly, so you have to go and buy more off these greedy people! Some companies advise to wash at x temperature in a washing machine Read more

Goalkeeper Scholars

Here is a picture of Peterborough united fc goalkeeper Alex Lynch, who gets coached by Just4keepers goalkeeper coach Ian Pledger. Alex has just been picked for Wales U19 squad. You will see him below pictured wearing the just4keepers goalkeeper gloves.

Goodbye Gary!

I get people saying all thE time, ‘Ray whats the best thing you are proud of with J4K’ Too me the answer is simple, its the students I meet who become my friends. Today is a sad day because J4k loses one of the nicest young men you would ever want to meet… but its Read more