Goalkeeping Glove Review CON!!!

Did you know the majority of goalkeeping glove reviews are a BIG con?

If you are part of a goalkeeping  forum, the chances you will at one time get manipulated into buying a goalie glove by the owners of the forum, who either own the a goalkeeping item or they are getting some type of sales commission by pushing a particular glove range or goalkeeping item.

As well as running J4K I am also an expert  in ‘internet marketing’ so I know the tricks these people use.

Basically what they do, is one person will have 5 to 10 members names. So its the SAME person making all these posts and comments but you will not know this.

These guys then add a topic or post, then comment on these posts by using their multiple false members names. Because they start a conversation it stays in people eye line on the forum s it looks like a real interesting topic because there is so many comments (all be it false)

People on this forum then feel they have to join in as it looks like a hot topic. So you might get the 5 to false names posting, and now 10,20 100+ people who have been suckered in.

They normally start a post by showing a competitor’s glove and will state they are not very good and not value for money etc etc etc….

Now these guys have genuine members watching this post, you are a easy target to push a particular product too. lets say they get 100 people drawn into this conversation and 50% buy… this i worth writing a few false post up (this is how these guys look at it).

It is not just keeper gloves reviews forum members get conned, it is any topic that has a forum. Too be honest, this is why I never developed a J4K forum because not only can owners of a forum manipulate things, anyone can.

Any person can join and open say five false memberships and then start with their manipulating posts. So because I believe the majority of forums are false and misleading their members, I did not opt for my own.

You might say this is rubbish Ray, this is not the case… but think about it, to run a forum to ALOT of time, effort and sometimes money. Are people really going to do this for free? Ok some might because there are genuine people out there but even these genuine peole 100% do not know if what the people on their forums are talking about is genuine or manipulated!

I am not saying all forums are false but me personally, I would not waste my time on them unless I knew from a trusted source it was 1000% a genuine forum!

My advice is when  buying a new goalkeeper glove, is never take someone words on a forum who you do not know. Only, I repeat ONLY buy a glove that is recommended by a person who you  know and trust.

If you buy from ANY forum, seriously guys the strong chances are you have been manipulated by someone on this forum who will be getting some type of kick back.